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Canary All-In-One Wireless Indoor 1080p IP Security Camera System - Black

Canary All-In-One Wireless Indoor 1080p IP Security Camera System - Black

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Keep a watchful eye on home and put your mind at ease. The Canary home security system is built to learn and adapt to your home over time. With motion detection, its 1080p camera will automatically record any suspicious incidents, and stream HD video and audio to your iPhone or Android device through the free Canary app.

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Unfortunately, you can't always be there to supervise the kids, keep an eye on the dog, and make sure the home stays safe. Or can you? Enjoy peace of mind wherever you are with the Canary home security system. It's the next best thing to being psychic! This standalone indoor camera takes a modern approach to security so you can protect the people, places, and pets you care about most.


Why you need this:

  • Intelligent notifications: The wireless Canary home security system is designed to give you peace of mind. This standalone indoor camera sends intelligent notifications to your iPhone or Android device via the free Canary app when it detects something out of the ordinary in your home or apartment.
  • HD video: Equipped with a Full HD 1080p wide-angle camera, this security system captures crystal-clear footage at 147-degrees so you can livestream HD video on your smartphone.
  • High-quality audio: An integrated microphone means your video notifications come with clear audio so you can hear everything happening at home.
  • Motion detection: Motion detection automatically starts recording whenever movement is detected so it only captures videos when something's actually happening.
  • Night vision: Infrared LEDs are automatically activated in low light settings so you don't have to worry about daytime or nighttime settings.
  • Designed to learn: Algorithm-based motion detection learns and adapts to your home over time so the Canary can send you smarter notifications. The security system becomes more effective the longer you have it.
  • HomeHealth technology: Did you know a house fire occurs every 85 seconds? HomeHealth technology monitors indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality to help keep your home safer.
  • Built-in siren: The Canary features an integrated user-controlled 90 decibel alarm so you can scare off intruders once they've been spotted.
  • Convenient cloud storage: Recorded videos are encrypted and then sent to the Canary Cloud. Feel free to access recorded video and audio in the Canary app for up to 30 days.
  • No installation required: Place the Canary on a table or shelf in a central area in your home, plug it in, and connect it to your WiFi network. It's that easy.

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