About Us



We are located in Vancouver, (Beautiful) British Columbia. Sole Geeky was founded by four aspiring young adults (Alex, April, Michael and I); we grew tired of working for our bosses and decided to try something on their own. Behold! The birth of Sole Geeky!! We idea was simple. It was to to bring all the enjoyable aspects of our lifestyle and make it a business. We grew up in the era where Street Fighter was king, where Doh and Battlechess were ran off of our awesome 486s, and where Duck Hunt involved practically putting our neon orange polyethylene pistols through our 24” tube TV. Those were good times!

Our business started in a small, windowless room in Aleix's mom's place. It was cozy. It was awesome. It was ours. But with time, our business grew, as much as we enjoyed the comforts of home, we realized it was time for us to spread our figurative wings and fly. Within one year, we moved out into a 700 ft2 office space , over seeing a small river with a lonely tugboat always tugging things up and down the river. It actually is quite interesting. Within a matther of months since moving into the office, we ran out of space. Luckily, the bossmen of the facilities, JC and Stan, were pretty cool cats and allowed us to expand into the warehouse.

Who knew  that great customer service, competitive pricing and awesome products are key features in having an online business? With that model, we proceed! And the journey continues…

A wise woman once told me that I would one day grow out of my toys (Ninja Turtles mainly), but I responded with “One does not simply grow out of toys; instead, toys will only change in their form.” Okay, maybe not in those exact words, but certainly something similar to that as my 16 year-old mind was already fairly well formed. Thus, the launch of our adult toy store!! Sole Geeky!! Okay, that whole “adult toy store” thing definitely sounds misleading… but come on potty minds, interpret its context here!